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L’equip fundador d’Energy in the Cloud ha pres part de diversos projectes europeus d’investigació, recerca i desenvolupament tecnològic dins del programa H2020. A partir d’aquestes experiències, neix Energy in the Cloud, on el seu disseny avançat ha estat peça clau en els següents projectes:

IDPR Application

Improved Network Capacity

Intelligent distribution Power Router

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In the fascinating world of advanced power electronics, an innovative solution has emerged to address the challenges associated with electrical power quality: the IDPR-based active filter. This device represents a significant evolution in the management of harmonics and disturbances in complex electrical systems and control of voltage volatility.

IDPR, as a fundamental concept, focuses on the ability to identify specific patterns in the power grid. By harnessing the power of advanced algorithms and signal processing technologies, this electronic active filter can discern patterns of unwanted harmonics and disturbances in real time, providing dynamic and accurate response.

The IDPR not only detects but also acts proactively to mitigate these unwanted patterns. Its ability to continuously adjust to fluctuations in the power grid allows for active and efficient correction of irregularities, thus ensuring that power quality remains within desired standards.

This device is not only limited to harmonic suppression; Its versatility allows it to address a variety of power quality problems, such as voltage imbalances and harmonic distortions in currents. Its implementation becomes especially valuable in environments where the presence of non-linear loads and sensitive electronic devices requires precise power quality management.

Additionally, the IDPR offers an additional advantage by being configurable and adaptable to the specific needs of the system. This customization capability ensures optimal effectiveness in various applications, from industrial environments to residential installations.

In summary, the IDPR represents a vanguard in the management of electrical energy quality. Its ability to dynamically identify and mitigate unwanted patterns, along with its versatility and adaptability, makes it an essential tool for maintaining efficient and reliable electrical systems in a world increasingly dependent on high-quality electrical power.



Centralized System as energy bank with distributed renewables management, energy Communities and providing flexibility services

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Energy in the Cloud enhances distributed and centralized storage in distribution networks given the coming change in the way energy will be managed and distributed, designing a new way of thinking about the electric system, to always provide the best possible service to the connected users.


NOCA-BP Filter

NOCA filter

Allows PLC communication between smart meters and data controllers

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The NOCA-BP filter is used to enable PLC communication used by smart meters to report consumption to data hubs for billing.
The power electronic equipment installed in the consumer's internal installation, such as UPS, solar inverters, etc., emit electromagnetic interference directed towards the distribution network in a frequency range that includes the band used by the PLC PRIME technology.
Sometimes, the magnitude of the interference comes to incommunicado the
the consumer's meter or even those of other consumers close to the source of these interferences.
By connecting the NOCA-BP filter in parallel with the network, an attenuation of the mentioned interferences is achieved, restoring the communication of the meters.
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New operating architecture for LV distribution network

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Energy in the Cloud allows interoperability with legacy and third-party systems in the LV network. Through this technology, it was possible to improve the efficiency and hosting capacity of the distribution networks, in the context of highly distributed renewable generation, thanks to the introduction of flexibility and control in the low voltage network.

Smart Rural Grid

Smart Rural Grid

Smart Management of rural distribution grid

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Energy in the Cloud features the new technologies for Smart Grids and the associated business concepts to transform the actual distributors into modern companies suited to satisfy the future demand to connect the users with the infrastructures.

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Energy, Energy advice, Telecommunications and much more services for your well-being - Energy in the Cloud

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Energy, Energy advice, Telecommunications and much more services for your well-being - Energy in the Cloud

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